Alternative to Google Drive

Alternative to Google Drive.

Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage provider out there. For far too long, companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have abused their position and violated their users’ privacy.

Recent events have highlighted the problems that their business models can create. Protecting their users’ privacy conflicts with their business model, which is to use your data in order to serve you targeted ads. That’s why these companies collect more data than what is actually needed.

What Google tracks.

Is Google Drive Secure?

Google is a US-based company. The United States (unlike Europe, where companies like Tresorit, pCloud, or Internxt are based), is known for its aggressive privacy violations.

The Cloud Act, signed into law in March 2018, is an Act to provide trans-border access to communications data in law enforcement investigations. The Act’s history begins with a privacy dispute between Microsoft and the U.S. government, a case in US Supreme Court which concerns whether law enforcement can access communications content under current U.S. law”.

Therefore, if you ask yourself "Is Google Drive secure?" You need to know that Google is also closed-source and doesn’t feature client-side encryption. Unfortunately, Google is one of the worst companies in terms of privacy. Like many others we will discuss, they provide no privacy for the user.

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Internxt: The Most Private Alternative to Google Drive

Internxt built Drive with the vision of creating the first cloud storage service which presented the user with total control, security, and privacy of their files.

Unlike Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, etc, Internxt Drive features zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that only you can truly access your files. Unlike with traditional providers, with Internxt Drive, files are uploaded and client-side encrypted, so only you hold the decryption key of these. Additionally, Internxt Drive’s architecture fragments your files before encrypting them, so a server never holds a whole file, but instead, an encrypted shard of it, which only you are able to decrypt.

Private Google Drive alternative.
Private Google Drive alternative.

Better Than Google Drive?

Internxt Drive presents very similar pricing and interfaces to that of Google Drive, though being superior in its privacy-related features. Additionally, just like Google, Internxt offers a whole ecosystem that you can enjoy, all included in your Internxt membership; Internxt  Drive, Photos and Send & more.

Is Google Drive secure? Not really. Think smart. Make the switch.