Which Alternatives to Tresorit Are Best for Personal Use or for Teams?

Internxt: alternative to Tresorit.

Many cloud storage providers continue to offer us a secure method to store, share, and sync our files. Not all cloud services, however, offer the same features to secure our data, collaborate with others, or provide a service that emphasizes privacy.

If you want to switch from popular cloud providers, namely, Google Drive or iCloud, then you may have considered Tresorit cloud storage. In that case, we will offer an overview of Tresorit cloud storage, including its key features and pricing, to help you determine if Tresorit is the right provider.

After gaining a thorough insight into Tresorit and its features, we will also offer a Tresorit alternative offering a service with the high levels of privacy, encryption, and security.

What is Tresorit?

Tresorit offers secure file storage and sharing for businesses and individuals, so its users can easily secure and share files knowing they are protected, thanks to Tresorit’s encryption and security policies.

Aside from cloud storage, Tresorit offers additional services that align with its emphasis on privacy, such as:

  • Tresorit eSign: Digital e-signatures for business or personal documents.
  • Tresorit EmailEncryption: Send confidential documents securely.
  • Tresorit FileSharing: Encrypt and control access to sensitive documents.

Tresorit, therefore, offers many valuable resources for businesses and individuals alike to help them integrate cybersecurity into their work culture or daily lives. So, continue reading to discover more about how Tresorit achieves these levels of security and if there are alternatives to Tresorit that can offer similar services.

What are the features of Tresorit?

Tresorit states that everyone deserves the highest level of privacy when managing the security of business or personal documents online. As we look through these features, each aspect of Tresorit’s services will help you consider whether it is the right storage option.

Tresorit secure cloud

Tresorit’s cloud storage offers cloud storage, backup, and syncing capabilities dedicated to helping you improve workflows and productivity.

It is currently available on all devices, including Linux, so if you need a Tresorit alternative to access your files from anywhere on any device, Tresorit is a good option for people using multiple platforms.

On top of that, Tresorit also has cloud backup and syncing options so that you or your team will always have access to the latest version of your files. In doing so, Tresorit provides its users with the most recent version of files to protect against file loss, which may occur due to device failure or cyberattacks.

Tresorit cloud storage emphasizes strong values to privacy to keep documents safe. As it caters to cloud storage for businesses, Tresorit offers many cybersecurity protocols for the protection of your files, including:

  • Secure sharing: exchange files via encrypted links.
  • Security controls: manage your links’ security with passwords, set expiration dates, and set open limits of shared links.
  • End-to-end encryption: Tresorit encrypts your files and its metadata on your device
  • Access logs: Monitor shared files for signs of unauthorized access.
  • Zero-knowledge: Tresorit’s cryptography technology means it can never decrypt or access your files because it does not hold the decryption key.

Finally, Tresorit’s adherence to Swiss laws reflects its dedication to privacy. Swiss laws offer more protection for user data than laws in the US, which is why companies such as Tresorit and Proton are based in Switzerland.

Data that Tresorit holds, therefore, is subject to these Swiss laws and must follow protocols such as obtaining explicit consent when gathering personal information. Data collection must also be lawful, fair, and transparent. Companies not following these laws will be subject to various legal consequences.

If you’re considering Tresorit for your business or personal cloud storage needs, it has many security features needed to protect sensitive information.

On the other hand, one thing to consider is that Tresorit is not open source, so if you value an open-source company's transparency, consider open-source Tresorit alternatives.

Tresorit file-sharing features

File sharing may be risky if the correct security measures or guidelines are not followed when connecting to a Wi-Fi network or sharing confidential information without a VPN.

Fortunately, many cloud storage services offer increased protection when sharing files, and Tresorit is one of them.

Sending files without encrypting them beforehand substantially increases the risk of data leaks because the information is in plain text. If these plain text files are accessed by external parties or hackers, they can see all your information, including passwords, emails, or financial details.

Tresorit file sharing solves this problem by encrypting the files you want to share on your device and taking additional measures, such as adding custom watermarks to documents and disabling downloads of sensitive files.

Internxt Email Generator protects you from spam.

Tresorit encrypted email

Email is often the prime target for cyberattacks, as businesses or people will often send unencrypted information, documents, or other sensitive information this way. Tresorit offers an email add-on to your existing email account to encrypt your emails in one simple click.

Tresorit also offers additional control measures like revoking email access after you have sent them.

Tresorit eSign

Businesses, freelancers, or larger enterprises often need to share important documents requiring signing. Due to the increased remote lifestyle, this process has become more difficult and time-consuming.

Fortunately, Tresorit’s eSign feature speeds up this process, and a Tresorit account can speed up this process significantly without compromising security. With Tresorit eSign, you can add signatures, names, dates, and more features to documents to speed up workflows and monitor the progress of document signing.

Tresorit pricing

While all these features are useful to help secure business data or as a method to build on your cloud storage security, some of these features require an additional fee on top of your existing Tresorit subscription.

If you want to implement these security features into your workflow without paying additional fees, consider a Tresorit alternative that offers the features that meet your needs.

Tresorit currently offers free 3GB of storage, which is lower than most free storage plans such as OneDrive or iCloud, which offer 5GB. If you want to upgrade your Tresorit subscription, here is a breakdown of its current pricing models.

Tresorit individual plan

  • Personal: €11.99 / billed monthly / 1TB of storage
  • Professional: €29.99 / billed monthly / 4TB of storage

Tresorit for business

  • Business Standard: €15 / per user / per month / 1TB of storage
  • Business Plus: €20 / per user / per month / 2TB of storage

As we can see, Tresorit plans are more expensive and offer less flexibility for scalability if you want to upgrade or downgrade your storage. What’s more, if you want to add Tresorit eSign and email encryption for Outlook, it will cost you:

€17.99 per month for an individual personal plan

€47.24 per month for a professional plan

And for business plans, eSign and email encryption will cost a maximum of €54, billed monthly.

While Tresorit offers a wide range of features, but they come at a price. Fortunately, there are affordable options for cloud storage for your Tresorit alternative with more flexible storage options and the same emphasis on privacy.

Third-party integration

If you are not ready to switch to an encrypted email service provider, you can integrate your Tresorit account with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Tresorit’s free email plugin is available on all Chromium-based browsers.

By integrating with these two popular email providers, you can ensure that you keep your sensitive emails protected without the need to switch to another provider and risk losing important contacts.

What are some Tresorit alternatives for teams and individuals?

Suppose you are in the cloud storage market and looking for a Tresorit alternative. In that case, you can still choose an alternative that offers the same amount of security, collaboration, and secure file sharing.

Internxt is a cloud storage service based on encryption and privacy.

Best Tresorit alternative for individuals: Internxt

Internxt is an open-source cloud storage provider that allows users to take back control of their data via Internxt Drive. Alongside Drive, you can enjoy the same encryption and sharing features with Internxt Photos to store, organize, and share your photos securely. Finally, Internxt Send is a free tool to encrypt files up to 5GB in size and send them via a secure link or email.

Internxt features

Internxt Drive uses end-to-end encryption for all its users to protect files at rest and in transit. As a European company, Internxt complies with strict European laws similar to Swiss privacy laws regarding sensitive data handling.

Unlike Tresorit, however, Internxt Drive is open source and uses file distribution, meaning that files are fragmented, shards are encrypted, and no machine holds a whole file.

Furthermore, to demonstrate its commitment to privacy, Internxt was subject to a security audit by an independent company, verifying that the methods Internxt uses to protect your data are secure against hackers.

Other features of Internxt include a dark mode for Internxt Web and secure collaboration of files via Internxt Drive. With custom file-sharing options, you can manage access to confidential files for teams via a secure link. Once you select a file, you can project it with a password or manage your sharing options anytime by stopping access to the file or folder.

If you need a Tresorit alternative with a bigger file upload limit, then Internxt’s file upload limit of 20GB is a better option than Tresorit’s 10GB and 15GB maximum file limits for its cloud storage.

Internxt pricing

You can subscribe to Internxt and get up to 10GB for free or upgrade to any of the following monthly or annual subscriptions.


  • 200GB: €4.99
  • 2TB: €9.99
  • 5TB: €19.99
  • 10TB: €29.99


  • 200GB: €45.99
  • 2TB: €109.99
  • 5TB: €199.99
  • 10TB: €299.99

You can also purchase 2TB, 5TB, or 10TB lifetime plans from the Internxt website.

Best Tresorit alternative for business: Box

Another possible Tresorit alternative for businesses that offer similar services, and you can choose from more plans on a per-user / per-month basis, is Box cloud storage. Box also offers advanced security controls, threat detection, and information governance that complies with industry privacy standards.

Internxt Password Generator secures your account with powerful passwords.

Box features

Box offers secure collaboration on its documents, with real-time updates of changes made within a document. Box emphasizes its collaboration features as a means of seamless collaboration to access and organize content in one document where you can edit, review, and assign tasks.

Box is also one of the Tresorit alternatives with the opportunity to integrate electronic signatures for important documents. It is also one of the few companies integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its platform; this AI serves to get answers from documents quickly and create content in seconds.

Businesses can also benefit from Box’s integration with over 1,500 apps, including screen recording, video conferences, email services, and more.

Box pricing

Box is available for individuals, teams, and businesses, and you can get a personal plan offering up to 10GB of free storage with a 250MB upload limit and e-signing for up to 5 documents.

From there, you can choose from any of these plans:

Box individual plans

  • Personal Pro: €12 per month / paid annually / one user / 100GB of storage
  • Business starter: €6 per user / per month/ minimum 3 users / 100GB of storage

Box business plans

This is why Box is one of the best alternatives for businesses: you can get unlimited cloud storage for your teams, integration of over 1000 apps, and access to all of Box’s features with select plans.

Box’s business plans are:

  • Business: €18 per user/month
  • Business Plus: €30 per user/month
  • Enterprise: €42 per user/month
  • Enterprise Plus: Contact Box

Best Trestorit alternative for collaborating on documents: Microsoft OneDrive

Suppose you’re looking for more Tresorit alternatives, but you also want your cloud storage to include a suite of products for spreadsheets, presentations, or word-processing documents. In that case, OneDrive is the final option you can consider for your list of Tresorit alternatives.

OneDrive Features

OneDrive is likely one of the Tresorit alternatives for Windows users, as a OneDrive account is automatically given to users with an Outlook account. Its Office 365 suite of products includes numerous collaboration tools for teams and project managers to work on documents together in real time.

One downside is that OneDrive, unlike Tresorit or Internxt, is subject to US data privacy laws and holds the decryption keys to your data. Because of this, OneDrive can potentially decrypt your files at any time under the authorization of government or law enforcement agencies because they are not a zero-knowledge company.

Therefore, if you value the privacy of data you store in the cloud, OneDrive may not be one of the Tresorit alternatives you should consider if you want private cloud storage. However, working with other teams on a less confidential document may still be helpful.

OneDrive pricing

Some of OneDrive’s features will require you to upgrade your subscription to enjoy all of its features, but you can get 5GB of free storage, which is still more than Tresorit but less than Internxt.

Subscription prices for OneDrive are as follows:

Individual plans

  • 5GB - Free
  • 100GB - €1.99/month
  • 1TB with Microsoft 365 - €6.99/month or €69.99/year
  • 6TB with Microsoft 365 - €9.99/month or €99.99/year

Business plans

For businesses, you can choose from any of the following payment options:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic: $6.99
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard: $12.50
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium: $22.00
Internxt is a cloud storage service based on encryption and privacy.

Which Tresorit Alternatives are right for you?

Services that secure your data are important to our personal or work lives, so the decision should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, with many options available on the market and as the world switches to cloud storage rather than physical media, we have plenty of valuable options to consider.

If Tresorit does not meet your cloud business needs, Box is one of the top Tresorit alternatives. Box offers services similar to Tresorit but with the added benefit of unlimited storage and third-party integrations.

Internxt is one of the best Tresorit alternatives for individuals hoping to switch to privacy. Subscribe to Internxt today, enjoy secure, private cloud storage, and regain control of your privacy.