12 Festive Cyber Security Images to Stay Merry and Safe Online

12 cyber security posters.

As we gear up for the holiday season and prepare to hit the online shops for some last-minute online gifts, now is the perfect time to refresh our memories about the importance of staying safe online during this busy shopping season.

Along with some festive fun, we still want to spread the importance of staying safe online, as this is prime time for Christmas scams and frauds. So we made these cyber security posters with your online security in mind with a Christmas twist of our unique sense of humor.

12 Christmas Cyber Security Images with a Festive Twist

Inspired by the best Christmas films and the most annoying Christmas carols, the little elves at Internxt crafted each cyber security image carefully.

We hope these cyber security images will make you spit out your minced pie, mulled wine, or eggnog with laughter.


On the 1st day of Christmas...

Is Home Alone the best Christmas film ever? Possibly.


Is choosing an encrypted and secure cloud provider the best decision you can make to protect your files? Most definitely.


If anyone is getting a lump of coal this year and going on the naughty list, it’s Google. Is it possible that Santa Claus is working for them? Google knows a lot about you, and so does Santa... hmmm. Time to deGoogle your life in 2024?

Time to move on to the next cyber crime poster.


Check your passwords as much as you like with Internxt’s password checker! Strong passwords are the greatest gift you can give to your online accounts; here’s a free and strong password generator for you to try out!

Cyber security stocking fillers

Here are some cyber security images with some valuable advice to keep your software, data, and privacy safe for this Christmas and beyond!

Are you looking forward to unwrapping a new smartphone this Christmas? Make sure it’s updated to protect it from security bugs or vulnerabilities.


Software updates are crucial to protect your mobile and other devices from hacking. Get ready for the launch of important updates by turning on automatic updates on your computers, smartphones, or other devices connected to the internet.


Deck the cloud, your files, or any sensitive information you share with encryption. Christmas is a great time to capture and share your favorite photos with friends and family, so make sure you send files securely with encryption technology.


Whether you store your data on a physical device or via a privacy-focused cloud provider, choose a business that values and protects your data.

Are you ready for some more cyber security images to make you lol? Go on, treat yourself; it's Christmas, after all!

Funny Cyber Security Images or Terrible Christmas Cracker Jokes?

Everyone loves a terrible Christmas cracker joke at Christmas... or any time of year really, thanks to the popularity of Dad jokes. Anyway, these festive yet hilarious (if I do say so myself) cyber security posters are the perfect blend of humor and tech wisdom.

Don’t crack a password; crack a Christmas cracker

Cracking passwords isn’t very Christmassy, but Christmas crackers 100% are. Here are some cyber security images inspired by terrible cracker jokes.


Is Elf the best Christmas movie ever? I think not. On the other hand, open-source software is vital when buying or subscribing to a software service.

Internxt’s code is available to the public on our GitHub if you want to see how we secure your data.


Don’t we all Santa, don’t we all...


Mrs Claus is right; penetration testing is an excellent way to prevent network attacks.

On the 9th Cyber Security Image, we told Santa to...

How does the fat man in the red suit, AKA Santa Claus, know who’s naughty or nice anyway?


Seriously, Santa... stop


While a firewall may not technically roast your chestnuts effectively, it will help prevent attacks on WiFi connections.


Security Is for Life, Not Just for Funny Christmas Cyber Security Images

We all need a good laugh in life. As technology is such a significant part of our lives, it’s a great opportunity to create some funny cyber security images, Wifi names, and other cyber security images in the form of amusing security memes.

Internxt is a cloud storage service based on encryption and privacy.

But behind our cyber security posters, we hope you learned the importance of the festive spirit mixed with online security and choosing a company like Internxt to secure your files, photos, and data this Christmas and many Christmases to come!