Dropbox vs Google Drive: What is the Best Cloud Storage Service?

Dropbox vs Google Drive

When you hear the word "cloud storage," what company comes to mind? Internxt! Right? No, you usually think of Google Drive and Dropbox. Why? Because they are huge and old, and they spend millions (maybe billions) trying to ensure you never forget who they are.

So which one of the old tech nobility is better? Is Google Drive or Dropbox cheaper? Which one is the better option for you? Or is there a better and more private cloud alternative you should choose instead?

What Is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting software. One of the first clouds on the scene, it was founded in 2007. Besides cloud storage, it offers features such as file synchronization, access from anywhere, file sharing, and more.

It is a secure cloud platform with millions of registered users, making it a force for collaboration amongst personal and professional people on Android, Apple, and other devices. Like many other cloud services on the market, Dropbox lets users store and sync files, organize them, and access them from any phone, tablet, or laptop. Users can also share files fairly effortlessly, even if the recipient doesn't have their own Dropbox account.

Dropbox caters to business professionals who often rely on Dropbox to help manage multiple tasks. The service allows users to track file updates and sync with teammates, partners, and clients. Dropbox succeeds in organization and is very useful in helping to keep your digital life and work manageable. The service is pretty simple to use and has the nice feature of Dropbox links through which you can share any file or a folder with anyone.

Dropbox's security is about standard for the industry, nothing special but nothing noteworthy. The company's privacy policy leaves much to be desired, and Dropbox retains the ability to access your files and terminate your account on any grounds that violate their Terms of Service.

And lastly, its puny-free plan just isn't enough. So is Dropbox free to use? Well, 2GB of it is but that is nothing compared to Internxt’s free 10GB.

Dropbox has multiple pricing options based on the number of users you wish to allow on the account. Basically, the number of users you allow on an account will determine how much or little you pay. Dropbox also offers two plan types: personal and business. These are further divided into subgroups based on storage capacity and user count. Personal Dropbox pricing plans are listed below.

Dropbox Pricing:

  • 2GB - Free
  • 1TB - €11.99/month/personal use
  • 3TB - €22/month/single professional use
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What Is Google Drive?

Google Drive is the most well-known cloud storage service on the market. Many people use it mainly because it is straightforward, and its free version is quite generous. To: Moreover, the service is handy for team and cross-department collaboration and file sharing.

Google Drive bests many other services due to its vast ecosystem, which aids in collaborative activities, making it one of the most simple and user-friendly cloud storage services. It's all so cheap (or free) in many cases, and most average internet users already have a Google account, thanks to Gmail's dominance.

Google provides a wide range of Google services, its Drive service interface is self-explanatory, and they excel at ensuring that all of those services work and operate effectively together. Google Workspace and Android and the company's other products and hardware make Google Drive almost natively compatible with nearly everything. Also, they have many third-party integrations that add value to their benefit.

In short, Google Drive allows you to effortlessly create content, save files, collaborate with your team, and do various other activities. The mobile app is available for Android and Apple too.

Is Google Drive secure? Though Google is a great deal and highly polished, its data and privacy policies are extremely vague. The company has often been in hot water over breaching public trust and misusing user information. Is the friendly price and convenience worth all the data risk?

Google Drive Pricing:

  • 15GB - Free
  • 100GB - €1.99/month
  • 200GB - €2.99/month
  • 2TB - €9.99/month
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What Cloud Is Best for You? Differences Between Dropbox and Google Drive

Both these cloud services, Dropbox and Google Drive, are loaded with many features. There is a reason these two services dominate the market. They are both widely adopted, and if you're looking for services that will be compatible with others, these two are solid.

While Dropbox plans have a lot of extra features catered to business, the service is a bit expensive. Yes, you receive a large amount of data storage, but for individuals and freelancers, it's difficult to justify the immense cost of Dropbox, especially when Google products are so cheap.

Also, if you're not planning on using a lot of storage (2TB is quite a bit of data), then Dropbox's lack of smaller plans forces you to pay for space you don't need. To put their pricing into perspective for 2TB of Internxt you only pay €9.99/month with Google being roughly the same and both offer smaller plans as well, unlike Dropbox.

Again, is Dropbox free to use? Barely but no, not really. But Google (and Internxt) certainly are.

Is Google Drive secure? While Google is the more intelligent financial choice, it is the worst privacy one. Actually, both services have a poor track record of protecting user privacy. Security is acceptable with Google and Dropbox services, but what those companies themselves do with your data is anyone's guess. Privacy and confidentiality are massive weaknesses for both of these big names.

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Choose a Safer Alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive

The best alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive concerning privacy and security is Internxt. Internxt is an open-source cloud storage service built on blockchain. All files uploaded or shared through the service are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring user files are safe, sound, and inaccessible to all first and third parties.

What Internxt lacks in age compared to Dropbox, it more than makes up for in safety and ethics. Plus, that fancy link feature Dropbox has for sharing, Internxt has it too. And it's safer!

You might be asking "Is Google Drive secure?". You need to know that Google is absolutely awful when it comes collecting user information and respecting the right to privacy. Google is an ad company, after all, and they will take any opportunity they have to monetize your data in some way or another.

Championing zero-knowledge technology and sticking to an iron-clad user service model, Internxt puts users' right to privacy above all else. Unique features include limits on the number of file downloads, a convenient backup setup, and absolute user control of data access.

Sure, collaboration and convenience are nice, but your head-earned cash and your human right to privacy are certainly more important. Stay safe and be smart.