Internxt vs. Sync - Which One is Right for You?

Internxt vs Sync

Sync is an online cloud storage service based in North America. Sync allows users to securely store and access their files and data online, emphasizing enhanced security through features such as zero-knowledge encryption.

Sync also offers a real-time platform to share and collaborate on documents and maintain a secure way to back up your important files and documents. Sync's security features make it stand out against the tech giants, especially Dropbox, by featuring zero-knowledge encryption in its service.

Therefore, if you want a cloud service that doesn’t sell your data to third parties and keeps your files secure, Sync is an option you may want to consider. Before you do, however, let’s take a look at its main features and how it compares to other alternative cloud storage providers such as Internxt.

Why Should You Consider Alternative Cloud Storage Providers?

Suppose you don’t want companies to share your information with third parties, or collect your personal data to sell it for advertising purposes, then perhaps it's time to consider a more private and secure cloud storage provider.

Let’s examine how big tech companies access your data to understand why you should consider switching to a company that values your privacy.

  • Google Drive - The Google terms of service gives their automated systems permission to access the data stored on their servers, so they can make money from their users through advertising.
  • Box - The terms of service permit Box to view the files stored on their servers; this aims to ensure users comply with the terms of service Box uses.
  • Dropbox - The Dropbox terms of service give their employees and trusted “third parties” permission to access, view and share the files stored on their servers at any time.
  • OneDrive - Microsoft’s terms permit employees to view the files stored on their servers. Like Box, Microsoft does this to ensure users comply with their terms of service.

When considering options for cloud storage, not everyone has the time to read these lengthy terms of service and interpret the unclear wording these companies use, so it is vital to choose a company that has clear values and transparency when it comes to your online privacy.

What Are The Features of Sync Cloud Storage?

Sync offers a cloud service to allow its customers to store, sync and share their documents in the cloud.

Both Sync and Internxt offer high levels of security by giving you the power to control and manage your encryption keys and keep your data safe against hackers, data breaches, or other types of cyber attacks.

Despite sharing the same encryption methods, there are some differences between Sync and Internxt that we can discover to help decide on the best, secure cloud storage solution.

Internxt is a cloud storage service based on encryption and privacy.

Sync Pricing: How Much Does Sync Cost?

Sync offers a generous 5GB of free storage to new users, which you can sign up for quickly and easily, all you need is your email and password, and you can start using Sync instantly.

Although the free plan is a good starting base for new customers, it is essential to note that some advanced features, such as 2-factor authentication enforcement for multiple users, are only available on the higher-tier and more premium subscriptions.

Internxt, on the other hand, offers 1GB of free storage and access to its Drive and Send apps and their features regardless of whether or not you are a paid user.

Individual plans for Sync start at $8 per month for 2TB or $20 per month for 20TB of storage.

Internxt subscriptions offer more flexibility in terms of storage, with prices starting from $0.99 a month for 20GB or $9.99 for 2TB. If you like more flexibility with your payment plans and generous lifetime storage options, consider using Internxt.

Is a Secure Cloud Service Provider?

In short, Sync is a secure alternative for your cloud storage. Sync and Internxt encrypt your files in transit and at rest, and only you hold the decryption key to view and access your files.

Unlike Sync, however, Internxt Drive uses file distribution across multiple servers through a process known as distributed erasure coding that breaks down your files into shards that are then encrypted and distributed globally, and no machine ever holds a whole file, keeping your documents safe in case of a cyberattack.

This is a massive differentiator between Internxt Drive and Sync, pCloud, MEGA, etc. Thanks to this unique architectural design, Internxt Drive is praised as the single most secure cloud storage service available today.

Open Source vs. Closed Source: Internxt & Sync Differences

Sync uses closed-source software for its apps, meaning users cannot view the source code Sync uses to build its platform. This lack of transparency leads to concerns about security, privacy, or potential hidden features in the service that Sync’s customers do not know about.

By not making the source code available, it is not under the scrutiny of the open source community, and the code may contain bugs, glitches, or security issues that cybercriminals may exploit to gain access to your data.

Therefore, closed source software relies on a team to identify and implement solutions to security issues, which can be more time-consuming and potentially put your sensitive information and files at risk of a data leak.

Internxt chooses to use open source software and makes its source code available to the public.

The transparency of OSS means that specialists in security and developers can review and audit the code for potential vulnerabilities. This benefits Internxt and its users as problems with the software can be identified and resolved quickly to increase security and protect your data as quickly as possible.

Which Operating Systems Does Sync Support?

Sync is available on desktop for Windows and macOS users and as a mobile app for iPhone and Android. The web version is compatible with all popular web browsers.

Internxt offers the same operating system support, but unlike Sync, Internxt is also available for Linux users.

Internxt Virus Scanner helps you to avoid malware in your files.

Is Sync Cloud Storage the Right Alternative for You?

Ultimately, if you want a secure cloud storage provider, Sync is a secure alternative for individual or small to mid-size businesses. You can test the service for free with 5GB of storage to see if it meets your needs.

However, if you value transparency, security, and a suite of privacy-centric apps, then consider Internxt.

As well as free access to our Drive, Photo, and Send apps, you can also enjoy more free tools, such as a virus scanner and password generator, ensuring your internet safety and privacy remains uncompromised.

For a secure cloud storage provider, try Internxt today.