Internxt 2023: Continued Growth and Innovation in Secure Cloud Storage

Internxt 2023: Continued Growth and Innovation in Secure Cloud Storage

As we say goodbye to another year, Internxt continues to make waves in the online privacy space by providing technology focusing on privacy and security. Since the Internxt 2022 retrospective, Internxt has changed for the better, but our mission to provide a privacy-focused alternative to big tech corporations that mishandle your data remains the same.

Last year, we launched Photos and Send to complement our mission of securely storing and sharing Photos and documents, providing you with the best version of Internxt. This year, our team has grown to nearly 30 employees who have helped contribute to these products and to Internxt’s mission.

Reflecting on Internxt's progress in 2023, Internxt CEO, Fran Villalba Segarra writes:

“2023 has been the best year for Internxt to date. We positioned ourselves as top market leaders in privacy as a service space amongst leading players in the industry.
We are set to make 2024 a year of incredible expansion for the company. We foresee a year of sustainable growth established by the excellent foundation we've built together. We have the team, product, know-how, traction, and resources needed to make 2024 an incredibly fruitful year for Internxt.”

What's new with Internxt in 2023?

We have been working harder than ever this year to keep up with the need to help our users keep their online privacy protected. We have made incredible progress with updates for Internxt Drive, Photos, and Send and introduced new privacy resources and tools to help everyone easily switch to a life of online privacy.

Here are some of the things we are most proud of this year.


Security and privacy are at the heart of what we do, and we started this year with great success, having successfully passed an independent security audit from an external third party specializing in cybersecurity, Securitum.

Internxt passes security audit.

Securitum is a leading European company specializing in ethical hacking and pen testing and provides in-depth security analysis and testing for other privacy-focused companies.

Securitum, recognized Internxt’s hard work and dedication to security, as they certified that Internxt’s security features and platform are protected against hacking.

Product updates and features

We continue to offer our product suite of privacy-centric services, Internxt Drive, Photos, and Send. Since we launched Drive in 2020, it has improved drastically thanks to the hard work of our development team.

We have continued to improve Internxt Drive, and the Drive for desktop app is currently on V2, giving you a faster, more stable experience with additional features that many of our users requested, such as increasing our file upload limit from 10GB to 20GB, adding PayPal as a payment method, enhanced media streaming and previewing video, music, docx, and xlsx files.

Additionally, we released the ability for users to invite & collaborate with others, taking file & folder sharing to the next level, and included dark mode for our apps.

To give you even more control over your accounts, we introduced features that let you edit the email and billing details associated with your Internxt account.

We are still committed to zero-knowledge policies, but in case you forget your password, we included an option to download a backup key from Drive Web that is unique to you. This allows you to recover access to your account if you lose your password without losing your files!

As we believe everyone has the right to online privacy, we have improved the user experience of our service by making Internxt available in Chinese, Russian, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

To keep our users updated, we published our public roadmap of recent releases and upcoming features available so you can stay updated on our product updates for the best experience.

As we continue to value transparency by keeping Internxt open-source you can inspect our source code to see the improvements we have made and the improvements our dev team is working on in our GitHub repositories.

New privacy tools

We have also worked hard to create free resources and tools to help you navigate online privacy. Alongside our blog, filled with expert insights on cybersecurity, online privacy, and secure service comparisons, we also launched:

  • Internxt Library: free eBooks with tips, tutorials, and resources to help secure your online privacy.
  • Password Generator: A free tool to instantly protect your accounts by generating secure, powerful passwords.
  • Temporary Email: A disposable email address providing free, anonymous emails without storing your data.
  • Virus Scanner: Scan for viruses before they harm your device.
  • Password Checker: Check your password strength is enough to secure your accounts.

Internxt is a cloud storage service based on encryption and privacy.

As we move into 2024, we will continue our campaigns to raise awareness and spread our message about the importance of online privacy and move towards secure, private technology.

Organic growth

Alongside the development team, Internxt’s marketing team has worked incredibly hard to increase Internxt’s organic traffic, reaching over 600,000 monthly visitors, a x50 increase from last year's monthly visitors.

Internxt organic traffic.
Internxt organic traffic. Source ahrefs

Thanks to these efforts, Internxt continues to grow and cement itself as an authority in the privacy as a service space as we overtake smaller brands and move towards competing with top-tier companies in this area.

Increased subscriber numbers

Our active subscribers grew at a Month-over-Month MoM rate of 15%. Thanks to our continued product updates, our new or old subscribers stay with Internxt to secure their files, data, and privacy. Overall, Internxt currently counts over 5,000 active paying customers across all our products. In 2023 we generated over €3.2M in revenue, a significant increase from last year.

Internxt monthly subscribers 2023.
Internxt monthly subscribers 2023. Source: Chartmogul.

We also successfully completed our round of investments and continue to have prominent shareholders who believe in Internxt, including Telefónica, Juan Roig, Notion VC, Balaji Srinivasan (Coinbase, a16z), ESADE BAN, among others. Internxt is currently valued at over €40M.

The Future of Internxt

Thanks to your support, Internxt has grown exponentially this year, so we thank you personally for believing in our product, mission, and brand.

We are anxious to move into 2024, share our new product updates, releases, and privacy resources with you, and continue providing solid, reliable, and secure cloud storage. All good things come to those who wait, so stay tuned to stay in the loop of everything new with Internxt on our website!

Happy New Year!