Alternative to pCloud

Alternative to pCloud
Internxt's cloud storage logo and pCloud logo

pCloud is a cloud storage service based in Switzerland that emphasizes enhanced security and data encryption.

For a very long time, pCloud has been praised to be the single most secure alternative to traditional cloud storage services (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc). It features zero-knowledge encryption, and it is indeed extremely secure. It features mobile, web, and desktop apps, and its prices and usability are very reasonable. pCloud servers, however, are exclusively in the US. That means that all their user data is hosted there.

The United States (unlike Europe, where companies like Tresorit, pCloud or Internxt are based), is known for its aggressive privacy violations. “The Cloud Act, signed into law in March 2018, is an Act to provide trans-border access to communications data in law enforcement investigations. The Act’s history begins with a privacy dispute between Microsoft and the U.S. government, a case in US Supreme Court which concerns whether law enforcement can access communications content under current U.S. law”. Additionally, pCloud is closed-source, thus you need to trust its practices, and doesn’t feature client-side encryption per default.

Internxt Drive, on the other hand, was developed by Internxt (Europe), with the vision of creating the first cloud storage service which presented the user with total control, security, and privacy of their files.

Table of comparison of cloud storages: Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive

Unlike traditional cloud storage providers (eg Google Drive, Box Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive), pCloud and Internxt Drive encrypt your files not only in transit but also at rest, and only you have the decryption key of these.

Internxt’s drive web intuitive interface and features.

That means that your files are encrypted when stored and that only you can access your files. Internxt Drive does this in all its plans (free & paid). pCloud doesn't.

Illustration of Internxt’s mobile intuitive interface and features. Version 1.3

Additionally, unlike pCloud, Internxt Drive comes with 24/7 support, a free plan that features zero-knowledge encryption, seamless user experience, and many other perks.

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