5 Reasons Why Marketing Teams Should Use Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud storage for marketing teams

The cloud has a lot going for it, and one of the most significant advantages it has brought to the table is data storage. For businesses, this surplus of cheap and scalable cloud storage combined with the many new innovations in cloud computing has the potential to boost productivity, reduce expenses, and simplify operations.

In the marketing industry, cloud computing already benefits companies of all sizes. Small marketing businesses have found it easier to get traction and collaborate thanks to cloud services, making it easier for them to compete in larger markets. Marketers from all industries must appreciate the cloud's capacity to grow and alter in response to a company's needs.

There is one glaring downside. Unfortunately, large-scale data breaches are becoming increasingly regular, putting companies at risk of losing sensitive information. Phishing attacks have made internet users vulnerable at home as well.

No one should be able to access the information we all keep online without our permission, which is why selecting the best secure cloud storage for your data is critical.

Benefits of Secure Cloud Storage for Marketers

One of the most prevalent issues that marketing teams encounter is a lack of storage to keep data organized. Because they have numerous initiatives on the go that generate a lot of files, marketers rarely have a single project to focus on.

The need and importance of cloud storage arise due to the requirement to keep such data conveniently accessible, safe, and organized in one location.

However, not all cloud storage solutions are created equal, and some are less secure than the supplier would like you to believe. Here are some of the reasons why marketers should use secure cloud storage:

Protection against cyberattacks

Storing your data in the cloud adds an extra layer of security against hackers and data loss. Why would you risk being hacked when it may be disastrous for your company?

Hackers are a threat to all businesses. Don't let your company fall victim to this wrongdoing. A server failure or human error could also result in data loss for your team. You're safe from all of these problems if you have secure cloud storage.

Encrypting and securing data

Even if your smartphone is stolen, your data can only be accessed by the individuals you want it to be accessed by. Your privacy is fully safeguarded, and you don't have to be concerned about your information being stolen or sold.

Backup and disaster preparedness

Storing all of your data on a single server is extremely dangerous. You could lose everything in an instant if it fails for any reason. Even if you don't use cloud storage as your primary storage system, it can be used to store backup copies of your files store backup copies of your files

You don't have to worry about backing up your files using cloud storage. Because cloud storage is backed up to many servers, you never have to worry about losing your data. Your data will be safely stored in numerous locations, even if one server fails. Data loss is considerably reduced as a result of this.

Hardware failures and technical problems are unpredictable, and there's no reason to expose yourself to them when cloud storage is accessible.

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Easy collaboration

You can work much more efficiently with cloud storage. Bulky email attachments are gradually becoming obsolete. It is inconvenient to upload files because it costs time and bandwidth.

You may prevent this using cloud storage and simply transmitting a sharing link to transfer files. Because your data is centralized and accessible from anywhere, you won't need any synchronizing devices. You don't need to be connected to a server.

Instead, you can use whatever device you like. This is especially crucial for teams that spend a lot of time away from their desks or travel for work and need to access files on the go. This is one of the main reasons why everyone is using clouds and the security benefits.

Some cloud systems also provide real-time collaboration, allowing multiple people to work on a file simultaneously. This is ideal for project management and collaboration on marketing reports.

Smooth, well-organized workflow

You have complete control over what information is stored and how it is stored. It is conceivable, but not necessary, to just upload all you have. You can keep only your most critical data on the cloud system and abandon the rest. You can create folders in the cloud to arrange your data in a way that works for you. It will be easier for you to navigate and access

Best Practices for Improving Cloud Storage Security

Cloud storage is substantially less expensive than locally installed hardware, making it more accessible. However, keeping confidential and sensitive material in the cloud exposes your company to new risks because the cloud is outside the data protection constraints you would set on your premises. To put it another way, cloud storage is partly out of your hands.

Fortunately, there are techniques to improve data security even when using the cloud. The essential security options for cloud storage are listed below.

Create a password management system

Your IT department's responsibilities include handling several accounts, which makes developing a unified security framework for your company difficult. Strong passwords created with the help of a password generator and managed with password management software, on the other hand, will help.

Strong passwords are made up of a random combination of characters, numbers, and symbols. When employees leave, change their passwords immediately, as your company code of ethics no longer applies to them.

Enable end-to-end encryption

Encryption is crucial when you're dealing with financial or confidential material. In the event your data is breached, files are hacked, or messages are intercepted, encryption can ensure that all of the lost information can be read.

Not all encryption is the same, however. Always choose end-to-end encryption when possible. Privacy service providers like Internxt swear by end-to-end encryption because it's the only encryption form covering every stage of the data transfer process. End-to-end means everything is encrypted before it leaves your device and can only be decrypted by the intended receiving device. At no point in transit is your information legible and unencrypted.

Invest in education and training

It's critical to inform employees about the dangers of cloud adoption. You should also update (or create) a strong company cybersecurity policy.

Your team should be used to enforcing their own cloud security regulations and implementing stringent security solutions to secure team data from illegal access. They should also be informed of the risks associated with cloud computing.

It's also critical to train your marketing agency staff about the need to use secure storage and endpoint services to protect their credentials. Employees must take precedence over password sharing or sloppy typing.

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Which Cloud Service Should Your Marketing Team Use?

Because the cloud storage sector is still relatively new, it is quickly and continuously evolving. As a result, there is a growing number of service providers to choose from. What criteria should you use to determine which cloud service is best for you?

Features, storage capacity, file size restrictions, pricing, and other factors vary widely among providers. Before deciding on a cloud service, it's critical to consider these factors, where and how your data will be stored and the level of security they'll give.

With extra cloud storage security safeguards to keep your files safe, Internxt is even more secure than the usual cloud system. Putting users and their privacy first, your marketing secrets are safe with Internxt.